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Strategies to Enhance the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Building Your Case

Building Your Case
Common Errors to Avoid with your Healthcare Providers

Not seeking medical treatment immediately. When you have been injured and feel pain do not delay in seeking medical care. Not seeking medical treatment immediately often times leads to insurance companies arguing that you must not have been hurt very badly if you were able to wait days or weeks before seeing a doctor. Protect your health and your case by seeking medical treatment as soon as possible.

Not following the doctor's instructions. When your tells you what to do to heal your injuries you need to follow through with what your doctor recommends. Your doctor is the expert at diagnosing and fixing injuries, and your injury case will likely depend on his expert opinions. The insurance company will try to minimize the severity of your injuries because you failed to do what was recommended by your doctor.

Not starting or completing therapy recommended by your doctor. If your doctor instructs you to go to 12 physical therapy treatments over the next six weeks, do it!Don't let your busy schedule dictate when you'll get the medical care you need. Delays in starting treatment is completed allows the insurance company to argue your injuries weren't bad or you must have been healed earlier than expected. Protect your case and promptly seek treatment that's recommended.

Self-referring to other types of treatment without consulting your doctor. An injury case is very often dependant on your primary doctor's expert opinion regarding if you were injured and the severity of that injury.If you go to a chiropractor or other health care provider without first discussing it with your primary doctor it can look like you may be seeking unnecessary care. Keeping your primary doctor in the loop and in your corner protects your case and promptly seek treatment that's recommended.

Skipping treatment appointments or letting large gaps in time pass between treatment follow-ups. When you miss appointments or stop treating for long periods it implies that you are not suffering from your injuries.If your injuries were bad and very painful we would expect you to be very motivated to seek the treatment needed to stop the pain and suffering as quickly as possible. Life can get in the way of the best-laid plans, and you can learn to live with daily discomfort, but it does a great disservice to your injury case when this happens.

Failing to disclose preexisting injuries. You need to be open and honest with your doctor. Failing to tell him about a prior injury to the same body part or any other body part can lead them to incorrect conclusions and opinions. Since your case is normally very dependent on your doctor's expert opinion, you don't want the facts that your bases those opinions (part of which is your medical history including preexisting injuries) to be based upon inaccurate information and thus open to attack by the insurance company.It's best if everything is out in the open, that way your doctor and attorney can deal with any complicating issues appropriately. Just because you have preexisting injuries does not mean you lose, Washington law still allows for such situations as do many other states laws. In fact, an aggravation of a preexisting condition can enhance you case.

Not having your car insurance or health insurance pay your medical bills. When you pay your medical bills out of pocket you hurt your injury case. There is a financial benefit to you when your car insurance or health insurance pays your medical bills for you.Don't hurt your case by failing to take advantage of available insurance coverage. The reason for this is a complex due to subrogation issues that may vary depending on the type of insurance coverage you have available to you.

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