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Trip and Fall Claim

Trip and fall accidents can be extremely dangerous for those unexpectedly catch their feet on uneven surfaces or objects left in the aisle. These accidents are much more likely to occur when any of the following conditions exist.

If you tripped and were injured as a result of your fall, you may be able to receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills and other losses. We have been helping trip and fall victims from all walks of life since the firm's establishment in 1978.

The devastating impact of falls: One of the most common pieces of misinformation circulating about trip and fall and slip and fall accidents is that they do not result in serious injuries or lasting harm. In fact, studies have shown that the cost associated with slip and fall or trip and fall cases total $81 billion for the total cost of healthcare treatment.

At Patrick McGreevy Law Firm pllc, we strongly believe that anyone who has been hurt in a trip and fall accident deserves to receive compensation from responsible parties whether they were wholly or partially responsible for your injury, we help you seek reimbursement based on the degree of responsibility.

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